The Steamy Phone Life of a Dirty Girl

Is that a pistol in your pocket?

Dirty Mari, Dirtiest Girl on LiveJournal
9 March 1981
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I'm a spoiled sexual princess. You can talk to me on the phone for a price :)
I use a service called NiteFlirt.com (also called Keen.com). My name over there is Dirty Mari as well....

This is my journal about my my tryst with my phone. Get into the mind of a phone sex artist, for it is art that makes men call me again and again. And my secret weapon? I LOVE my job!

Want some free minutes to try me out? Email me at dirtymari at gmail dotcom (you do know how to make that into an email addy right? Don't want the evil bots to get me!)
Or click here, and that directs you to the site.

My callers who are over here on my LJ friends list are gonna get occasional treats on my journal! Stay tuned!

I bet there are some of you guys that have your own websites that might be interested in making a few bucks :)
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